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" Attention Hairdressers World Wide…"

New Professional Hair coloring APP Takes All The Guesswork Out of Formulating Hair Color and Tells You Exactly What To Do!

Dear Hairdresser Friends,

Are you still a little confused when trying to come up with a new hair color formula?

Do you sometimes get “Butterflies” in the pit of your stomach when a client ask you for a complete hair color change?

Or are you one of those hairdressers who always use the same 3 or 4 color formulas over and over because you feel “Safe” using them and you know you can’t go too wrong?

Well believe me, I know exactly what you are going through.

Hi, my name is David Velasco and I can relate to your feelings.

I remember once soon after I had moved to New York City and I wasn’t real experienced with haircolor yet, this very well known actress came in to me to get her color done, she was in town working on a film and needed a touch-up.

She had the most incredibly beautiful Red Hair Color that I had ever seen. Her hair was shoulder length, very thick and a stunningly beautiful color.

After a short conversation with her I quickly discovered how she found me. As it turned out she had been going to a very well known colorist in L.A. who I know: “sorta”. This guy was a top colorist back then and had a star-studded, celebrity clientele. Unfortunately he was also a huge primadonna and not a very nice person, so calling him for her formula was out of the question.

To make matters just a little bit worse, she told me that he had been using L’Oreal on her and it took him several tries before he was able to get the exact color that she wanted.

Well, all we had in the salon was Wella and I did not have the time or skill (at that time) to redo it several times over if I had to.

Back then I was primarily a haircutter/hairdresser and didn’t have a lot of experience with haircolor. Also at that time I use to do a lot hair for of television commercials so I knew how important “continuity” is when working on a film project.

In other words, she couldn’t have one hair color in the beginning of the film and a different one later in the film…it had to be an Exact Match!

So there I was, still feeling a little insecure about my hair color formulation skills and having to give this “well known actress” and exact haircolor match, or else!

Well I’m sure most of you have heard the term ”Holy Haircolor” before.

Where you go back to the dispensary to mix your color and while you’re there, you say a “little prayer” that the color gods will bless you and somehow make it perfect.

Well that day I truly needed an act of God to help me match up that haircolor.

So after mixing a little bit of “this haircolor” and a little bit of “that haircolor” , and as I wiped the sweat off of my forehead, the color gods blessed me and: Wham-o, we had a perfect match!

So believe me that I know first hand exactly what it feels like when you are a little insecure or you lack a little confidence in you haircolor formulations.

Well Now I am Here to HELP!

But before I do, let me introduce myself to those of you who may not know who I am.

The story I just told you happened me a very long time ago.

Since that time I have been working behind the chair for over forty years. Throughout most of my career I have been a Hair Color Specialist and Hair Color Instructor.

During my long and varied career I have had the pleasure of having held the following positions:

  • ~ National Artistic Director for the Wella Corporation for 10 Years
  • ~ Director of Haircolor Education for Bumble and bumble Salon in NYC.
  • ~ Author of “Trade Secrets of A Haircolor Expert”, our industries first and only home study course in the Art of Haircolor
  • ~ Creator of “The Haircolor Clubhouse” the worlds first social networking website dedicated solely to the Art of Haircolor
  • ~ Salon Owner, David Velasco Salon in Doylestown, Pa. for over 20 Years.
  • ~ Most recently I was awarded the Coveted “ANDY Award” which is the American Board of Certified Hair Colorist Educator of the Year Award
    hair color andy award

So now let me tell you about my latest haircolor helper…

My Haircolor Genie

hair color andy award
The World’s First Generic Haircolor Formulator APP

A hairdresser friend and I have developed the worlds first APP that will give you a generic haircolor formula instantly!

All you have to do is to follow the easy to use My Haircolor Genie Instructions, select a few variables and within a seconds your suggested formula will be displayed.

But that’s not all,

You will also get Mixing Instructions, Application Instructions, Color Correction Instructions (If needed) and Hair Color Theory Lessons along the way.

In Addition

Client Information,

OK, So Let’s Recap what “My Haircolor Genie” can do for you…Instantly!

Also, keep in mind that My Haircolor Genie is a Totally GENERIC Haircolor Application to get great results! That means you can use this Haircolor APP with ANY HAIRCOLOR LINE and get great results.

My Haircolor Genie uses all of the same strategies and fundamental training that I teach in my Best Selling Educational Book Series br /> “Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert”
and brings them to life!

So, now you may be wondering what will be your investment is to get this “Professional Only” Haircolor Formulator APP on your device and get you started coloring hair like a true expert with total confidence and ease.

Well, I’m Glad You Asked…

Those of you who have bought My Book Set ($350), My DVD Set ($495) or Attended My Webinar Series ($343) know that Quality Education is not cheap, but it is an investment in your future and in your career.

And once you have mastered the Art of Haircolor, you will realize the price of your education was a drop in the bucket compared to the Life Long Benefits you have Mastered.

But having said that, I really wanted to make My Haircolor Genie as affordable as possible to everyone who desires to use this Amazing (first of its kind) Haircolor APP.

So I have decided not to sell it… instead you can have this Amazing APP on your mobile device for the very affordable price of just $9.99 per month!

Yes that's correct just $9.99 per month!

For just $9.99 per month (or basically the same cost as 1-Tube of Haircolor) You will have unlimited access to everything you have read about on this Webpage!

But I’m Not Finished Yet,

First Responders “QUICK START BONUS”

For you “Haircolor Nerds” out there (like me ) I have a Very Special First Responders “QUICK START BONUS” that is truly going to Blow your Mind!

If you are one of the first 100 people to Subscribe to My Haircolor Genie, you will also receive Over 22- Hours of Additional Video Haircolor Education right on your phone!

Let me explain,

You know how I have included over 100 Video Clips form my “Live Hair Color Classes” in this program already, well if you are one of the First 100 People who sign up for My Haircolor Genie you will also receive links to view my Entire Hair Color Education Video Collection of 18 different topics, recorded in front “LIVE Classes” throughout the country.

In this "LIVE Class Recording Series" you will get to view Streaming Video recordings of my entire classes 24/7/365!

All Streaming Videos are between 60 to 90 minuets long and shot "Reality Show" style. This means that these videos are totally unedited and uncut, just as if you were in the audience.

You will hear every question asked (and answered) and, best of all, unlike the actual class, you will be able to replay them over and over until you have really comprehended all of the valuable information that these videos teach.

So what will you learn from these Videos?

You will learn the following:

Here are the Topic-Titles to Each Video You will Receive:

NOTE: You will NOT be shipped the DVD’s, all videos will be streaming to your Mobile device.

hair color andy award

In the past I have sold these same DVD’s for as much as $50.00 EACH! Now you can have the APP, My Haircolor Genie along with unlimited access to all of these videos for just $9.99 a month.

How it Works,

After you have Subscribed to the My Haircolor Genie APP, and lodged-in to the APP, you will find a link in the “Options” tab to “Enroll in the Bonus Video Series”. Once you have successfully enrolled, you will be emailed a link to view the First Video in the series. And from that point on you will automatically be sent a new Video-Link every month for the next 17 months. You will have access to view these videos 24/7 anytime you wish.

Thank you for your interest in the My Haircolor Genie APP and I hope to see you on the inside!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at:

David Velasco Salon
150 S. Main St.
Doylestown, Pa. 18901
Phone (215) 340-9898
Here’s some Screen shots!

#1 Tour/Customers Video

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#2 Create Formula Video

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#3 Edit Formula Video

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#4 Re-Use Formula Video

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